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Do you meet troubles when transfer files from iPad to PC? Do you have accident when sync your iPad and iTunes? Is it difficult to export songs and videos from computer to iPad? With iPad to iTunes Transfer on WIindows, all these worries will soon disappear.

iPad to iTunes Transfer makes you transfer music and movies from iPad to iTunes/PC easily, and it is a nice application to quickly and effortlessly copy iTunes or computer files to iPad. So transfer songs and video files among iPad, PC and iTunes is not a tough nut.

The following steps will show you how easily using iPad to iTunes Transfer to copy music, videos and photos from iPad to your iTunes on PC.

Step 1, Install the program -iPad to iTunes Transfer on your computer, and connect your iPad to PC via USB cable.
Note: Be sure close iTunes before connecting iPad to PC.

Transfer iPad to iTunes

Step 2, The iPad will be detected by the program, and the device node will be displayed in the left directiory tree of the program, choosing the files from library or playlist you wish to transfer.

Step 3, Click "Export Checked File to iTunes" button at the bottom of the file list to start transferring.
Note: You can also drag and drop files between your different devices by iPad to iTunes Transfer on Windows.

Transfer iPad to iTunes

Step 4, Now the files are transferred to the iTunes on yourcomputer at a time. To eject your iPad, just right click on your iPad node in the left directory tree, and then choose the "Eject" option from the right-click menu .
The above instructions show you how to transfer files from iPad to iTunes, on the contrary, it is the same way to copy PC files to iPad, you just simply transfer files by drag and drop.