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Digital rights management (DRM) is an umbrella term that refers to access control technologies used by publishers and copyright holders to limit usage of digital media or devices. It may also refer to restrictions associated with specific instances of digital works or devices. DRM overlaps with software copy protection to some extent, however the term "DRM" is usually applied to creative media (music, films, etc.) whereas the term "copy protection" tends to refer to copy protection mechanisms in computer software.

Here you can find DRM M4P Video Converter apps and learn how to burn M4P to DVD, convert DRM M4P to AVI, DRM M4P to DivX, DRM M4P to MPEG, DRM M4P to FLV, DRM M4P to iPod and other formats.

What DRM M4P Video Converter to use?

Alternative 1: DRM M4P Video Converter

DRM M4V Video Converter
The DRM M4P Video Converter helps iTunes user remove DRM from M4P, M4A, M4B, AAC, etc. and extract audio files from M4V with DRM free legally. So you can easily convert M4P to MP3, convert M4P to WMA and enjoy iTunes music with more players.

DRM M4P Video Converter is not only protected M4P to MP3 Converter and M4P to WMA converter, but also a common audio converter, you can easily convert MP3 to WMA, MP3 to AAC, WMA to MP3 and finish other audio conversions

With this powerful DRM M4P Video Converter, you can convert several M4P files at one time as it supports an batch conversion; you can also customize the bit rate, sample rate and other parameters according to your request.

1. Poweful M4P converter, convert M4P to WMA, M4P to MP3 This DRM M4P Video Converter helps you convert M4P to WMA, converter M4P to MP3 with high quality and fast speed. It also support other iTunes media like M4A, M4B, AAC, etc.
2. Legally remove DRM protection from M4P The DRM M4P Video Converter doesn't circumvent or bypass the DRM, it frees DRM protection via the solution by re-recording the original audio tracks during playing back the input audio files. Thus it promises the output quality the same as the original file without any loss.
3. Not only M4Pconverter, but also common audio converter DRM M4P Video Converter performs as a professional DRM remover for M4P, it can strip DRM protection from both audio files and video clips in forms of M4V, M4A, M4B, and convert them to common audio formats. Besides, it works also as an universal audio converter to convert MP3 to WMA, MP3 to WAV, WMA to MP3, etc.
4. Batch conversion mode combined with output setting function DRM M4P Video Converter supports batch conversion mode by dragging drop input files and output them in one file. By taking advantage of the output setting function, you can customize your own audio files of different compression level and file size by adjusting the bit rate, sample rate, and sound channel.

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