How to Recover data from laptop drive step by step?

To recover data from laptop drive when the drive is logically crashed (Recognized by the BIOS).

You need to detach the drive carefully from laptop and then attach the drive to a desktop machine using a 2.5" Notebook / Laptop Drive to 3.5" Desktop IDE Adapter which allows you to connect your laptop drives to your desktop PC.

This adapter allows connecting a laptop IDE Hard Drive (mini 44pin) directly to a desktop IDE cable (40 pin). It has a single piece board design which is easy to attach & detach.

After connecting the adaptor to the drive it looks like as shown below.

1. Leave your desktop system drive in PRINMARY MASTER.
2. Connect laptop drive to SECONDARY channel.
3. Make sure no other devices are attached to SECONDARY cable.
4. Boot into BIOS and auto detect the new configuration.
6. Leave in auto-detect for all 4 drives or go through all 4.
7. Make sure SECONDARY MASTER is auto detect or set for laptop drive.
8. Make sure SECONDARY SLAVE is set to NONE.
9. Boot into your OS (from PRI MASTER).

Note: If laptop drive has Windows XP NTFS partitions; and desktop OS is Windows 2000 - you 'may' experience blue screens and you may need to upgrade your Windows 2000 host to Windows XP to be able to access such XP NTFS partitions.

You can then use Disk Doctors Data Recovery software to recover data from laptop drives, as recovering data from a normal desktop drive.

These cables are easily available at &

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