Top Ten iPod Tips and Tricks


Want to do more with your iPod than just listen to music? Then check out these ten cool tips and tricks to get more out of your iPod, from iPodpedia author Michael Miller - and power up your iPod today!

There are a lot of useful functions on your iPod and in the iTunes software that most users just don't know about. Move beyond the main menus and much coolness awaits-as evidenced in these ten iPod tips and tricks. They're easy enough that any user can do them!

Tip #10: Move Music from Your iPod Back to Your PC

Apple lets you easily copy music from your computer to your iPod. But it doesn't let you copy files in the other direction-from your iPod back to your PC. So what do you do when you want to restore files that you've accidentally deleted from your computer's hard disk, or copy iPod music files to a different computer?

Unfortunately, you can't use the method discussed in Tip #9 to move your music files, because your iPod automatically configures these as "hidden" files that don't normally appear in Windows Explorer or My Computer. What you need is a third-party utility that sees these hidden files and lets you see them, too. These iPod file management programs not only display all the hidden files on your iPod, they also decode your iPod's database information so that you know which albums, songs, and playlists you're looking at.

You can use an iPod file management program to copy individual music tracks from your iPod to any computer on which the program is installed.

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