Five Tips to pick out DVD Converter

In the market, there are full of beautiful DVD Converters in eyes, including DVD to iPod Converter, DVD to iPhone Converter, DVD to PSP Converter, DVD to Zune Converter, etc. The problem is how to pick out a professional one for your fruition. In my opinion, five elements are important, that is function set, conversion speed, converted quality, easy-to-use, technical support.

1. Function Set-Generally speaking, the more funcions, the better. Excellent software not only provides the basic conversion function, but also optimize features, eg.special effect.
2. Conversion Speed-Strict software publishers always improve the technology and test their products repeatedly to ensure the conversion speed is higher than their competitors.
3. Converted Quality-The converted quality refers to video and audio quality. Is audio in sync with video? If the picture is vivid? And sound-track is clear?
4. Easy-to-use-Not all users are advanced, so if the user interface is complicated, potential users will feel it's dizzy. Good software is considered of both novices and advanced user.
5. Technical Support-Sometimes, users can't use the software correctly, it's maddening. So if publishers give instant, quick responses to users' problem, that would be highly appreciated.

All the DVD Converter publishers provide the trial version, that's wonderful. Before we plan to get a full version, we can download several trials, and do comparing first.

Any others? The above maybe limited, I am expecting to share with more friends, and have a discussion.