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DigiFish Seahorse Commonly seen standing upright near coral reefs or roaming through kelp forests, seahorses are unique marine animals indeed. Even though it may look like the miniature of certain animal or a lonely twig floating about in the ocean, it is in fact a unique genus under the Syngnathidae family.

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Since seahorses can only live and feed in very specific water types, they are known for being difficult to breed or raise. Therefore it is a daunting task to be able to observe seahorses in their ordinary home settings at any time without threatening the lives of these special fish. And this is where DigiFish Seahorse comes in;

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with DigiFish Seahorse, you will be able to witness the marvel of nature with ease without having to acquire sophisticated life-sustaining devices or costly aquarium equipment and without hurting any natural lives. DigiFish Seahorse features full 3D objects, environments and creature simulation systems to present the fascinating sides of more than ten different types of seahorses right before your eyes. With DigiFish Seahorse, you can marvel at the stunning visual experience with the realistically rendered seahorses and how they vibrate their back fins to move around or linger on coral reefs.

DigiFish Seahorse will offer a brand new experience unlike anything you have seen before.

A tropical aquarium with seahorses (something that is very difficult to achieve in reality); featuring seahorses as the main character in realistic simulated aquarium ecology to present the most natural view of seahorses right before your eyes.
All new creature close-up functions for users to observe every action performed by the adorable seahorses more clearly than ever; users can even specify targets for the camera to follow automatically.
With 12 types of lively and energetic seahorses and 8 additional tropical seawater fish (a grand total of 20 seawater fish available for selection), users will be able to create beautiful and unique seahorse aquariums.
Big-belly seahorse Barbour's seahorse Shorthead Seahorse Tigertail Seahorse
Lined seahorse Thorny seahorse Spotted seahorse Longsnout Seahorse
White's Seahorse Dwarf seahorse Vanderbilt's chromis Bicolour parrotfish
Threespot dascyllus Caerulean damsel Threadfin butterflyfish Ornate butterflyfish
Yellow tang Blackstriped angelfish

Three different types of custom made aquarium backgrounds with different features available for selection.

More realistic presentation of behavioral details such as seahorsesí» swimming motions, the relative movement of their fins and eye rotations.
Auto feeding function with customizable time intervals.
Amounts of air bubbles and foreign objects are adjustable; even the positions and appearance of air bubbles can be adjusted.
Supports windows mode and full-screen mode (screen saver mode).
Supports traditional 4:3 standard screen aspect ratios and popular 16:9/16:10 wide screen aspect ratio.
Full music play list editing and playback functions.
Six sets of aquarium lighting sources and background colors available for cycled play and color customization.
All new digital frame functions to allow users to customize their favorite photo album; your aquarium will no longer be a mere fish tank.