DVD to iRiver Converter
DVD to iRiver Converter

iriver (formerly iRiver) is a brand and division of ReignCom, manufacturer of digital audio players and other portable products. They typically include USB mass storage, or the Media Transfer Protocol, multiple codecs, FM tuners, recording capabilities, and upgradeable firmware. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, iriver is the consumer electronics marketing arm of ReignCom, a company founded in 1999 by seven former Samsung executives.

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Iriver lovers worldwide expect the design of iriver to be fresh and constantly evolving, and the fact is that most of them have always been excited about the new products. According to official statistics, there are more than 100,000 people visit the iRiver website each day. And the number is still increasing as more products published.

There are solid reasons. iRiver products hold the state of the art technology in a sleek package with a fun and extremely user-friendly interface. They are dedicated to let the customers not only have fun, but also have visual experience. Just because the functions are advanced and complex, does not mean they need to look "busy" and be difficult to use. The products are designed with the purpose to make them look good, feel good, and can fulfill their needs, while customers can enjoy simple, easy-to-use, but sophisticated designs that match consumer lifestyles.

Whether you are a movie goers or DVD lovers, most people like to collect and store their favorite videos in DVD discs. High quality, long lasting storage and easy to carry, why not! Sometimes, you might need to play your favorite on your portable device°™iriver, that happens all the time, especially for those who have to spend a long time on their way to work, school or travel. But, we know most DVD on the market is copy protection.

With DVD to iriver converter all the worries will be gone. DVD to iRiver Converter is an all-in-one DVD to iRiver conversion solution. The program can rip DVD movie to AVI, WMV video format which are compatible with iRiver players such as iRiver Mplayer, Volcano, T series, E series and PMP series. DVD to iRiver Converter can also extract DVD audio to MP3 and WMA with excellent quality. Follow the tutorial below to enjoy your favorite DVD on your iriver now.


Step by Step on How to rip DVD to iRiver, AVi, WMV, MP3, WMA, M4A format files with DVD to iRiver Converter?

Step 1: Click here to download, install and then run iorgsoft DVD to iriver converter

Step 2: Select a DVD (from DVD folder, DVD file) to load DVD info

To load DVD info, click Load File button. As it supports batch conversion, you can just execute more than one task. You can also rename the output file in the Designation File column

DVD to iRiver Converter

Step 3: Settings

Click the Edit button to edit effect (Brightness, Contrast and Saturation).

DVD to iRiver Converter

To select a part of the DVD audio to be converted, hit the Trim button to define the start time and ending time.

DVD to iRiver Converter

Set the output destination and format for the resulting file, you can also choose the type of subtitle. For more settings click Setting button to tune the video/audio parameters like frame rate, bit rate, resolution, etc.

DVD to iRiver Converter

Step 4: Start conversion

DVD to iRiver Converter

After all the settings work is done, click Start button to start the conversion.
Finally, connect your portable device to your computer with the help of a cable. Turn on the device.