Thanks to iPod Transfer!

The other day, I bought a new iPod touch, I like it very much. All it did terrific jobs until this morning.

This morning, I was going to listen to my music using my iPod touch, however, the disaster came. All my music and video content disappeared. I was so anxious that I¡¯m afraid of losing all my favorite songs and videos. I open iTunes to sync my iPod touch, but iTunes told me that it didn¡¯t recognize my iPod touch and suggested restoring to the factory settings. My God, I was nearly crazy with the trouble. Most importantly, I won¡¯t want to lose all my files, I spent seven hours to get them and did not back them up. But I was sure that I didn¡¯t delete them, the files must be still in my iPod touch.

So I did google a lot. Thank Goodness! I find a solution to backup my iPod files to my computer. I download the third software called iPod Transfer, which does a great job helping me back all my songs and video files up to my computer. Following is to restore my iPod touch. Although spent more than ten minutes, now I have all my songs and videos retrieved.

Thanks to iPod Transfer! Now I want to share with iPod users how to backup your iPod files to computer in case of suddenness.

Step one: Download iPod Transfer and run it.

Step two: Connect you iPod to your computer, and all your iPod files will be automatically shown in the program as the screenshot. You can set the columns display.

Best iPod Transfer

Step three: Select the songs or videos you want to backup, click ¡°Copy¡± button then specify the backup directory.

Best iPod Transfer

Please note that the trial version only allows you copy five files. I have numbers of music songs and videos, so I purchased an official version. Although the program charges me $19.95, I think it is deserved that price.