How to Transfer Photo from iPod to Computer?

When use Tansee iPod Transfer Photo copy iPod photos out? - Backup or copy photos in iPod to PC. - Copy iPod photos to new computer or notebook.- Computer crashed.- Share your iPod photos with friends. - Copy all photos to a new iPod.

Tansee iPod Transfer Photo is an easy to use backup software that lets you copy photos from your iPod to a Windows based PC with the least effort. A fully support for full resolution image transfer. Apple had integrated all your photos into an ithmb file which user can not access the content directly, Tansee iPod Transfer Photo utilizes iPod's internal database to display and transfer your iPod's photos instantly. With Tansee iPod Transfer Photo, iPod users can transfer iPod photos to PC easily. Tansee iPod Transfer Photo had many special settings for your personal iPod photo backup, you can customize browser style, backup file format (.BMP or .JPEG)... .

Step 2. Launch iPod Transfer Photo
iPod Transfer Photo
Connect iPod to your computer.

Launch Tansee iPod Transfer Photo and all the photos in your iPod will display, screenshot as follows:

Step 3. Select photos
iPod Transfer Photo
Select the photos to be transferred to your computer, the selected file will marked with red border.

Click "Copy" button to select output path and start to transfer photos to your computer:

Step 4. Options Setting
iPod Transfer Photo
Click "Option" button to setting your back up features:

1.Backup Resolution: To select the photo size to be backup.

2.Backup File Format: To select backup photo file format, Tansee iPod Transfer Photo support BMP and JPG file now.

3.Backup Path: To select directory for storing the backup photos. You can select backup directory for each photo during backup by check "Ask Every Time" or store all files in a specified directory by checking "Save Here" and select the directory in the edit box.