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How to convert Flash swf movie files to iPod video and transfer to 5-gen video iPod step by step?

Flash to iPod Converter is a powerful utility that convert Macromedia Flash SWF files to MPEG-4 files including movie clips, action scripts and audio in the Flash movies. It is designed to convert Flash SWF to MPEG-4 format playable on iPod. With Flash to iPod Converter, you can easily turn your Flash videos into memorable projects on your mobile devices such as Apple iPod, Sony PSP and Pocket PCs to share with family and friends.

Flash to iPod Converter is absolutely a Flash converter to convert swf to MPEG-4, swf to avi, flash to mpeg, and view them on iPod. It's a SWF converter to convert Flash SWF file format to MPEG-4 format. If you want to download amazing SWF files and play them on iPod, ANVSOFT Flash to iPod Converter is really what you need!

Step 2. Install Flash to iPod Converter
1. Download flash to iPod Converter, intall and run.
2. Click ¡°Add Flash¡±, load your Flash (.swf) movie or video files.
Tips: You can play the swf file by clicking ¡°Play¡± button.

Step 3. Converting swf flash to iPod MP4 fomat
3. Click ¡°Convert Now!" to start converting swf flash to iPod mp4 video format.
Tips: (optional) Before converting, you might as well set ¡°Output folder¡± to somewhere you like.

Step 4. Setting Audio volume, wave out mix
Trouble Shooting: No audio or the audio is low
If you play the iPod video files you converted and find that audio is a little bit lower or there is no audio at all, please check your Volume control for your audio device and select ¡°Stereo Mix¡± or ¡°Wave out Mix¡± as the recording source in the Recording Control window, and then reconvert.
a) Right Click the ¡°Volume¡± button in the taskbar, choose ¡°Adjust Audio Properties¡±.
b) Go to ¡°Audio¡± tab, click ¡°Volume¡± from ¡°Sound Recording¡± area.
c) Select ¡°Wave out Mix¡± or ¡°Stereo Mix¡±.

Step 5. Drag Output MP4 file to your iPod
4. Drag .mp4 files that the swf flash to iPod converter created into your iTunes library, and then transfer the iPod video files to your 5-gen iPod by clicking 'File -> Update iPod'.