How to Transfer Song from iPod to Computer?

When use Tansee iPod Transfer copy iPod songs out? Backup songs in iPod to PC. Copy iPod songs to new computer or notebook. Computer crashed. Share your iPod songs with friends. Copy all songs to a new iPod.

This iPod Transfer is a sound of blessing for frustrated Apple's iTunes users who can't copy music files from iPod to pc desktop or laptop since iTunes blocks iPod-to-computer song transfer. Now Tansee provide you a full iPod solution. With Tansee iPod Transfer, iPod users can transfer song from iPod to computer easily. Tansee iPod Transfer utilizes iPod's internal database to display your iPod's files instantly. Tansee iPod Transfer is fully compatible with all existing iPods including iPod, iPod Photo, iPod mini, iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod video (including Harry Potter iPod and iPod U2), and new iPod shuffle, new iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod touch.

Step 2. Install and lanuch iPod Transfer.
iPod to PC transfer
Connect iPod to your computer.

Launch Tansee iPod Transfer and all the content of your iPod, including music and videos will display, screenshot as follows:

Step 3. Copy file.
iPod to PC transfer
Select the files to be transferred to your computer by click them. Ctrl key for multi-files select.

Click "Copy" button to select output path and start to transfer songs and videos to your computer:

How to Transfer Song from iPod to iTunes Music Library?

Step 1: Transfer your songs / videos to a folder on your computer by Tansee iPod Transfer, e.g. "C:/music" .

Step 2: Run iTunes, click "File", click "Add Files to Library..." or "Add Folder to Library..." , select the songs in folder C:/music.
Or simply run iTunes, Drag your files in "C:/music" to your iTunes music Library