DVD to SWF Converter
DVD to SWF Converter

DVD (also known as "Digital Versatile Disc" or "Digital Video Disc" - see Etymology) is a popular optical disc storage media format. Its main uses are video and data storage. Most DVDs are of the same dimensions as compact discs (CDs) but store more than 6 times as much data.

Here you can find DVD to SWF converter apps and learn how to convert DVD to SWF, Convert DVD to FLV, Convert DVD to MP4 for iPod, iPhone, PSP, Creative Zen.

What DVD to SWF Converter to use?

Alternative 1: DVD to SWF Converter

dvd to swf converter
DVD to SWF Converter can easily convert DVD to SWF & FLV, and Flash video, which can be played with Flash Player. Powered by H.264 and Flash 8 video encoding, precise video trimming and cropping, watermarking, rich Flash Players, and batch processing, this program will make video sharing easier than ever.

You can find MX Pro¡¯s advantages in DVD to SWF Converter as well: files under VIDEO_TS: IFO files, VTS_01_1.vob, VTS_01_2.vob, VTS_01_3.vob and more can all be input. Video cropping is to kill the black margins and trimming is to shorten your movie! Flash Player, templates, video effects, and video sequencing, etc. are all to diversify your video content for a fresh visual experience!

H.264 and Flash 8 video encoding H.264 video encoding is to gain a higher video quality with the same bite rate or a smaller file size with the same video quality. Flash 8 video encoding offers you a high video quality.

Cue Points for Events and Navigation Cue Points allow you to add events and navigations at points where you want the video to interact with another element on a webpage, for example, want to display text, synchronize with a Flash animation, seek a different time point in the video, etc.

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