3GPP to FLV Converter
3GPP to FLV Converter

3GPP is a multimedia container format defined by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) for use on 3G mobile phones. 3GPP is a simplified version of the MPEG-4 container format, designed to decrease storage and bandwidth requirements in order to accommodate mobile phones. It stores video streams as MPEG-4 or H.263 or AVC/H.264, and audio streams as AMR or AAC.

Here you can find 3GPP to FLV Converter apps and learn how to convert 3GPP to FLV, convert 3GPP to AVI, 3GPP to DivX, 3GPP to MP4, 3GPP to FLV, 3GPP to iPod and other formats.

What 3GPP to FLV Converter to use?

Alternative 1: iOrgSoft 3GPP to FLV Converter

3GPP to FLV Converter
3GPP to FLV Converter is a perfect solution for you convert popular video files such as MOV, WMV, ASF, 3GP, VOB, MPG/MPEG2 to FLV (Flash Video). The well-designed interface of iOrgSoft FLV Converter brings a breeze to you!

3GPP to FLV Converter offers a variety of video editing features such as video trimming, video cropping, video capturing, video effects. As to experts, you can get your customize video by setting the combined-parameters for your video. However, if you are not familiar with the complex parameters, just keep the default settings.

3GPP to FLV Converter has an unparalleled conversion speed with high quality! It is quite easy to use, only needs a few clicks. Owning such a FLV Converter, you can enjoy your perfect and professional FLV files on the internet! Have fun with it!

Step by step 3GPP to FLV converter guides: