Download HiFi MP3 WMA Converter Team has tested tens of auido processing tools & now we may say HiFi MP3 WMA Converter is the best MP3 Converter software available on the market today. HiFi MP3 WMA Converter is an ease-to-use tool that directly converts audio format MP3 and WMA from one format to another. You can resample your MP3 and WMA files with HiFi MP3 WMA Converter.

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MP3 WMA Converter
MP3 WMA Converter Gives you the option of setting the bitrate and frequency of created files. supports CBR and VBR.

You can convert Batch directly convert between MP3, WMA files. You can edit the ID3 information for the created files with the ID3-Editor built in HiFi MP3 WMA Converter. You can add entire folder and sub-folders, then convert all the files one by one. And There is a small player built-in andyou can pre-listen your song.

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MP3 WMA Converter Supports batch conversion. There is a small player built-in and you can pre-listen your song.HiFi MP3 WMA Converter converts audio files digitally-not through the soundcard-which enables you to make perfect copies of the originals. Convert from one to another directly and on-the-fly (without temporary files produced). Converting your files is just a button click away.

Features of MP3 WMA Converter

Convert MP3 to WMA to small your file.
Convert WMA to MP3 listen those songs with your MP3 Player.
Support batch edit the id3 information.
With an ID3-Editor built in and support edit the id3 information fo the created files.
Support batch conversion. After click "Convert", all the songs in the filelist will be converted one by one.
Support pre-listen audio file. Select the song and then click "Play", you can listen the song to sure if it is the song you want to convert.
Support entire folder and sub-folders added. You can add all the songs in one folder by clicking "Add Path".
High converting speed, wonderful output quality.
A friendly interface. everybody can know how to cut files within 3 minutes.

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Converting without number limitation !
No annoying reminding Message !
lifetime free update/upgrade !
Technical support is totally free.

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MP3 WMA Converter is a shareware and is supported by your registrations. Before registration, you can convert 10 files. A user who want to unlimited use requires registration. The registration fee only costs $9.95 US dollars. Once you register, we will send you registration information immediately and then you are entitled to unlimited updating/upgrading.