Access millions of FTP sites around the world
32bit FTP32bit FTP lets you log onto millions of FTP sites all over the world. Once logged on these sites, you can browse their files. You can copy files from an FTP Site to your computer. You can copy files from your computer to an FTP Site.
Multi-threaded FTP Client with folder sync
3D-FTP3D-FTP is a lightning-fast FTP Client software for transferring files between your computer and FTP servers. 3D-FTP uses MultiWire transfer engine to accelerate file transfers by automatically transferring multiple files simultaneously, in parallel.
FTP client for sending and receiving files.
Advanced FTPFTP client including file filters, common file save list, sorting, and all FTP features.
Easy to use FTP client and server
ALFTPUser-friendly FTP client and server. Convenient ALFTP Client and Server Explorer windows let you browse or drag and drop files just like in Windows Explorer. Transfer queues simplify file management. Share files with the world's easiest FTP server.
The easiest FTP program on the 'net.
CoffeeCup Direct FTP
Webmasters love Direct FTP because it is so easy to make quick changes and updates to their Websites. Just drag a file to the Edit window to make changes and click save when you are done. Direct FTP saves the changes directly to your Website! [Learn More]

The easiest Drag and Drop FTP program.
CoffeeCup Free FTP
CoffeeCup Free FTP is a fast no frills FTP program that makes it easy to drag and drop files to and from your Website. It supports multiple server profiles, resumes broken uploads and downloads, and can transfer files in binary, ASCII, or auto-mode. [Learn More]

CrossFTP is an excellent FTP client.
CrossFTP is an excellent FTP client. CrossFTP Pro is a turbo synchronization tool and FTP/FXP/FTPS/SFTP/WebDav(s). Their main features are multi-tab navigation; multi-threads engine; synchronization; unicode support; archive browsing; and more. [Learn More]

custody chmod  for setting file permissions.
Custody Use this CHMOD calculator when setting file permissions on CGI scripts ... Provided free by childcustodyguide [Learn More]

Easy drag and drop file transfer utility.
Cute FTP Home
Cute FTP Home is a utility for transferring files between your computer and a remote File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server anywhere on the Internet. It offers the perfect blend of ease-of-use and performance for the home or personal FTP user. [Learn More]

Secure drag and drop file transfer utility.
Cute FTP Professional
Cute FTP Pro transfers files securely over SSL and SSH2 protocols to and from remote servers. S/KEY secures logins. Simultaneously connect, schedule, script, and transfer files from several servers. Backup, monitor, and synchronize files and folders. [Learn More]

Smart FTP Client integrated Webmaster tools.
Deva xFTP
Deva xFTP is a Professional smart FTP Client software that integrated CA Center, Web Link Checker,Sitemap Generator and HTML/xHTML Validator Webmaster tools. [Learn More]

Internet Storage, Access and Sharing
DriveHQ FileManager
DriveHQ FileManager 3.0 is the best Internet Storage and Sharing software. It is extremely reliable, efficient and secure, supports drag-n-drop thousands of files or gigabytes of data, up to 3 times faster than regular FTP/HTTP. [Learn More]

Online storage, sharing, FTP, synchronization
DriveHQ FileManager with FTP Hosting
DriveHQ FileManager 4.0.284 is the best Online Storage, Backup, Sharing, Synchronization and FTP software. Reliable, efficient, secure; drag-n-drop 1000s of files / gigabytes of data, 3+ times faster than regular FTP/HTTP. Free FTP server hosting [Learn More]

Strong Upload spooler for FTP management
Light, simple, strong and usefull Upload spooler for FTP management. No installation required. Goes over connection errors and finish the job even in pretty bad conditions. [Learn More]
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