Blu-ray Creator
Blu-ray Creator

This Blu-ray Creator can burn videos to BDMV on Blu-ray Discs such as BD-R, BD-RE, BD-25, BD-50, etc. Furthermore, it also can burn Blu-ray movies into high-definition AVCHD on regular DVD including DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW. The outputs, also called BD5 or BD9, can be only watched on BD players or Sony PS3.

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Q: I have torrent video files, which are in different types, like .mkv, .avi, .mpg, .flv, etc. My question is can I burn them to Blu-ray Disc using a normal PC DVD Burner? Or can I play the videos as Blu-ray movies and watch them on my PS3?

A: Normal DVD Burner caní»t burn video to Blu-ray Disc, so you should find a Blu-ray DVD Burner. HD Movie Maker is a good choice that lets you create Blu-ray movie effortlessly in just a few mouse clicks. The burnt files can be played on various Blu-ray players and Sony PlayStation 3.

How to burn videos to Blu-ray Disc (Blu-ray or BD) with Blu-Ray Movie Creator?

Step 1: Add video files
Run HD Movie Maker, select File->Add Files or directly click "Add Files" icon, then you can add different video types at one time.

Burn movies to Blu-Ray Disc.

Step 2: Trim video
Click Edit->Trim option, it will pops up a trim window where you can get video clip by setting trim start point and trim end point.

Burn movies to Blu-Ray Disc.

Step 3: Set Blu-ray Disc
Go to General Settings or Advanced Settings panel, and set the Target disc size, Disc Label, Video dimension/codec/Bit rate/Frame rate, Audio codec/Sample rate, etc.

Burn movies to Blu-Ray Disc.

Step 4: Start video burning
After specifying the output path by click View->Options, just click Burn icon, it will begin to burn video to Blu-ray Disc.

Burn movies to Blu-Ray Disc.

Once finished burning to Blu-ray Disc, now you could enjoy the high-def BD videos on Blu-ray players, Sony PS3 or HDTV!